Unplesantries Holiday '11Postcards suck. Mostly. Happy Birthday. Fine. Get Well Soon. Great. Thank you. I get it. Here’s the thing, I never to send those notes. The sentiments which whip me into a frenzy, the kind of frenzy that actually would energize me to buy, write, address, and mail a letter are never represented by greeting card companies. Unpleasantries are the answer. Each card features an original illustration  and some bitter, unhappy, or messed up sentiment.

UnPleasant Valentine's Day CardUnPleasant Valentine's Day Card

UnPleasant Valentine's Day CardUnPleasant Valentine's Day Card

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For Valentines Day I made a special set of greeting cards for you to send to someone you love (if you want them to hate you) My friends at jsx55 on Clinton Street NYC are selling them at their gallery and online here. Get em while their cold. Hearted. If you have a shop and would consider carrying them please contact me and I’ll get them out ASAP!

WHAT NEXT? I’ve completed a whole series which I plan to make available by throughout 2012. Email unpleasantries@harringtonandselves.com and I’ll keep you posted. Maybe though Hallmark will just buy me out first. Check the gallery below for some of my other designs…


One Response to Unpleasantries ;-(

  1. George says:

    Hey Tim, totally dig your artwork and shi’

    Gutted i missed ya at ATP before xmas 2011 – heard it was epic as expected.
    Could definitely shift a bunch of these for you.
    How much you want for ‘em?
    -artist living in London

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